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Recently, governments and regulators have dramatically increased the requirements imposed on estate agents in relation to regulatory compliance.

Priority is now given to curbing all aspects of financial crime, especially money laundering. Consequently the UK laws require estate agents to police customers and transactions, viewing them under the microscope of Client Due Diligence.

To ensure this is performed to a standard acceptable to HMRC and other regulatory bodies, detailed guidance has been given on the policies, processes, assessment methodologies that should be adopted, glued together with a minimum level of understanding required.

“HMRC takes failure to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations extremely seriously, and we carry out regular checks to ensure customers are correctly following the rules.”
– HMRC Spokesman

Industry experts suggest that nearly a fifth of estate agents (19%) have been fined for anti-money laundering breaches and that the average fine was £11,842.

This is complex. It is concerning for many who are anxious about their internal processes, level of understanding and resolving the questions generated by transactions in day to day business life.

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This is our end-to-end outsourced KYC/AML compliance solution. We provide a comprehensive service which meets prevailing regulatory requirements imposed on the firm. We will conduct your KYC & AML obligations to the necessary legal standard. 

Bespoke Project Work

Extensive legislation imposes numerous requirements on Agents and most firms will encounter issues “for the first time” or require assurance on how they have addressed a specific challenge or answered a novel requirement. We provide the expertise you will require.

“We are going to seek out enablers to prosecute, to show it’s not just the major criminals but those who in the past have been hidden by the noise, by the traffic... If a transaction fails the sniff test, you should do something about it"

Ben Wallace, Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime (speaking at the Law Society's Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Conference, November 2018)

Recurring questions for Estate Agents

We can deal with all of this!

“If any person is not prepared to prove who they are you must terminate the business relationship and consider completing a suspicious activity report”

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